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All of our flyers can be used freely and are not for sale. Inform yourself or print the flyers to pass them out.

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Es sind noch nicht alle Flyer & Bibelstudien von unserer alten Webseite übertragen worden. Weitere Literatur finden Sie hier:

Not all flyers and Bible studies have been transferred yet. You’ll find more literature here:

[iconbox type=“16″ icon_title=“About Our Way of Worship“ iconbox_content=“Aspects of our worship and why we worship the way we do.“ icon_link_text=“More“ icon_link_url=““ icon_name=“fa-question-circle“][distance type=“2″][iconbox type=“16″ icon_title=“The Keys“ iconbox_content=“The door of salvation is opened in the book of Acts.“ icon_link_text=“More“ icon_link_url=““ icon_name=“fa-info-circle“][distance type=“2″][iconbox type=“16″ icon_title=“The New Testament Salvation“ iconbox_content=“According to Acts 2:38 we need to repent, be baptized in Jesus Name und have to receive the Holy Ghost to be saved.“ icon_link_text=“More“ icon_link_url=““ icon_name=“fa-info-circle“]